Assam Legislative Assembly Election 2021 Result!! Live Updates!!!

Assam Legislative Assembly Election 2021 Result – Check out Vote Counting Live updates on 02.05.2021  – Assam Legislative Assemble Election was conducted on 3 phases from March 27 to April 6.  This election is conducted to elect 126 MLAs for 15th Assam Legislative Assembly. There were more than 2 crore people from Assam participated in this Election. The election was conducted in 2 phase. First Phase was conducted on 27-03-2021 for 47 constitutions. 2nd phase was Constituencies on 01.04.2021 for 39 Constituencies and 3rd phase was conducted on 06.04.2021 for remaining 40 Constituencies.

There were 13 parties participated in Assam Election.

  • NDA party shares their seats with BJP, AGP, UPPL.
  • UPA shares their seats INC, AIUDF, BPF, CPI(M), CPI, CPI(ML)L, AGM, RJD.
  • Many of the private sectors conducted survey and released their own election result. Let’s see their predication of the Assam Legislative Assemble Election Result
Party Seats
Times Now
NDA 65
UPA 59
Others 2
India Today
NDA 80
UPA 45
Others 1
Republic TV – CNX
NDA 79
UPA 45
Others 2
NDA 70
UPA 56
Others 0
NDA 73
UPA 52
Others 1

Most of the Survey says that BJP (NDA) likely to win 15th Assam Legislative Assembly. The counting starts from 8 am on 02.05.2021. Initial trends may clears by 11am. The final result will be declared around 5pm. The election commission has banned the entry of polling agents into the counting centers without an RT-PCR test certificate. No candidates will be allowed inside the counting hall without undergoing RT-PCR/RAT test and without having 2 doses of corona vaccination. Candidates should produce corona test report and it must shows corona negative and the candidate should vaccinated 48 hours before entering into counting hall.

Live Updates:

The Assam assembly elections began counting votes on Sunday morning, with most exit polls predicting a win for the BJP-led alliance for the second time in a row. Totally 126 seats were at Assam Legislative Assembly.

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08.00 AM – Counting Process Begins

08.55 AM – BJP leads 09 seats out of 15 counted in 126 seats and congress possess 05 out of 15. The other parties won 01 seat out of 15 in 126.

9.30 AM – BJP leads again with 51 seats out of 86 in 126 seats and congress possess 34 seats out of 86.

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