ZETA Off Campus Recruitment 2022|Intern

ZETA Off Campus Recruitment 2022|Intern

ZETA Off Campus Recruitment 2022:ZETA is hiring candidates for the role of Intern, Software Development Engineer for the Bangalore, India location. The complete details about ZETA Off Campus Recruitment are as follows.

ZETA Off Campus Recruitment 2022:

Job Position:- Software Development Engineer I

Job Location:- Bangalore, India

Salary Package:- As per Company Standards

ZETA Off Campus Recruitment 2022
Required Qualifications & Skills:-

You are acquainted with / have mastered _a few_ of the below skills/tools -Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python, C++, Javascrip,t, etc.

Other Skills(Bonus points):

Knowledge of Agile development methodologies (XP, Scrum, etc)
Active Blogger
Contribution to Open Source projects
You wrote your first program on a ZX Spectrum (Add extra points if you still own the wicked cool box)
Ability to rattle off the names of every planet from Issac Asimov’s Foundation
Trilogy in reverse alphabetical order.

Job Description:-

You have the makings of an ace developer – impressive problem-solving skills, sharp reasoning, and a logical bent. You are passionate about programming and delivering, clean, test-covered, well-designed, scalable code.
You have a good grasp on programming fundamentals including OOPs, Design Patterns, algorithms, data structures, networking, etc, and are not rigid with respect to choice of technology, are relatively platform agnostic, and are open to adopting the right technology for the task at hand

How to apply for ZETA Off Campus Recruitment 2022

Apply Link:Click Here

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